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AccessCare Specialty Care team is a ground ambulance Critical Care, Advanced LIfe Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) service based in Smithfield, NC. AccessCare is the ground supplement of the CareJet International air medical team.

about ACCESSCARE + Carejet

By choosing AccessCare + CareJet, you are placing your confidence in the highest quality medical staff and equipment available. Our commitment to patient care requires our team to continually receive training and education to remain knowledgeable on the latest innovations in health care.

AccessCare Ground Services

AccessCare Specialty Care Team’s ground service focuses on high quality interfacility medical transports. AccessCare ALS and CCT teams are capable of providing ground transport services to patients who are intubated, sedated or on a variety of medication infusions — including whole blood.

Carejet international flight services

The CareJet Team provides 24/7 flight services to critically ill or injured adults, pediatric, and neonatal patients. We provide rapid access to health care services for patients when time is of the essence for survival and recovery as well as a private angel-flight services for the immune-compromised and other non-critical patients who are unable to fly on traditional airlines. We also partner with Organ Procurement Organizations to rapidly transport organs and other medical specimens world wide.


Why Hospitals Choose AccessCare


The Best Equipment in the Industry

Our team utilizes the Alaris Minimed III three-channel infusion pump, the ZOLL X – Series cardiac monitor with invasive monitoring capability and the Hamilton T-1 transport ventilator. Our ground ALS and CCT units sport the top of the line Ferno iNX all electric stretcher with new-standard stretcher locking in the ambulance. This complies with the newest safety standards for patient securing. It is also an investment in our staff–ensuring the team members do not have to lift the stretcher.
Our Team

Our Team

Well-Trained, Friendly, and Highly Educated

Our Team boasts an average of over 10 years of experience in 911 EMS, Hospital and Flight Medicine. Continuing education is accomplished through a variety of sources including attendance at specialty conferences. In May 2021, the North Carolina Office of EMS granted an Educational Institution designation to our parent company.* Because of this, AccessCare and its affiliates will soon be able to issue continuing education in-house, as well as teach initial EMT courses as a service to the community.

Our Relationships

Our Relationships

Focusing on high quality inter-facility medical transports.

Inter-facility medical transports allows our partner hospitals to assist transporting patients to case specific care, higher acuity discharges or facility decompression & bed-asset reallocation. AccessCare ALS and CCT teams are capable of providing transport services for patients who are intubated, sedated or on a variety of medication infusions — including whole blood.
*AccessCare and Carejet fall under our parent company and licensing of Vector AeroMedical Services, LLC. Vector AeroMedical was founded in 2014 in response to the need for regional, high quality, specialty-focused long distance medical transport. Since then, air transports have been completed as close at Fayetteville, NC to Raleigh, NC and as far as Singapore back to North Carolina.


The AccessCare team averages 10+ years of experience in 911 EMS,

Hospital and Flight Medicine.

Our Team Members are Certified in the Following Areas:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)
  • Pre- Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
  • Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN)
  • Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN)
  • Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C)
  • Critical Care Paramedic Certification (CCP-C)

AccessCare Medical Transportation

CareJet Critical Care Air

3149 Swift Creek Road

Smithfield, NC 27577

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